Fasted Training. Should I or shouldn’t I? Some of the benefits of fated cardio depend on your genetics. Do you convert to fat burning easily? Are you metabolically efficient? If your interested in your genetics, our fitness genes test will tell you if there is a genetic advantage to fasted cardio. So besides genetics what […]


Halloween stalks us     Like the dark shadowy figure in the horror films that we enjoy watching this time of year, the holidays are approaching and you know what’s coming. This will not be a quick death like delivered from michael Meyers. This is going to be slow. There will be a mix of […]


It’s a science: but not rocket science We are inundated with countless ads for a new diet and told what foods are good for you or bad for you. There is a countless stream of information and misinformation that we have to sift through and it can be confusing to know what is the right […]


Most people have some sort of morning routine. Mine is jumping into the shower first thing in the morning and then after getting dressed I begin my ritual of coffee making. I take time to heat up the water just right, grind my coffee and slowly pour the water over the grounds into my chemex […]


I was recently reminded of our preparations for a storm this past winter as I was re-organizing my garage to create a better workout space. I came across a couple roles of duct tape, and some bottles of water along with a few other items that we had either purchased that week before the storm […]


Last weekend I packed up my comic book T-shirts (that’s as close as I’m going to get to cosplay), picked up my son and we took a father son road trip to Portland for the Wizard World Comic Con. There were several celebrities that were going to be there that I really wanted to see. […]