Most people have some sort of morning routine. Mine is jumping into the shower first thing in the morning and then after getting dressed I begin my ritual of coffee making. I take time to heat up the water just right, grind my coffee and slowly pour the water over the grounds into my chemex brewer. I take a good ten minutes to enjoy and get my mind set before I leave for my short drive to work. This is my normal morning, but it was not always. My mornings used to consist of controlled chaos of packing lunches and rushing out the door to begin my one hour commute through crowded Seattle traffic. That was my normal. What was once normal to you can and will change. A normal day when you were in high school is a far cry from what a normal day is for you now. Technology is another huge factor in how we can change to a new normal. Technology makes us more efficient and it also creates new problems that may not have existed before. We adjust to these new changes and bring them into our lives. Our environment can be a big catalyst of change to our routines and daily life. On an extreme example think of the new normal a prisoner must create. Every time you create a new normal something changes.
People wonder why the latest diet or exercise program has not worked for them; one of the main reasons is that these eating patterns or exercise programs are impossible to continue for extended periods of time. A new normal is not being created. These are just temporary restrictions or exhaustive unsustainable workouts. Instead, make a new eating habit normal. Make an activity normal. Build these things into your life so that they become routines. When a choice is easier to make, and it is something that has become a habitual, natural part of your day, these healthy lifestyles will become your new normal. When you create your normal you will change your life.