It’s a science: but not rocket science

We are inundated with countless ads for a new diet and told what foods are good for you or bad for you. There is a countless stream of information and misinformation that we have to sift through and it can be confusing to know what is the right choice or if what you’re doing is even working.

What if your body could talk to you? What if your body could tell you exactly what you need to eat, how you need to exercise more effectively and efficiently, and what changes were happening to your body when you utilized this information? What if you could be given the cheat codes to your health? What if there was a fitness lab that could provide all these answers and you did not have to be an elite athlete to have access to it?


This is the concept behind DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap located in downtown Bremerton next to the Seattle Ferry terminal. There are many paths to the same goal but there are better and more effective ways to do things, and there are scientific methods that we should use to test, measure, and create goals with. Understanding these tests, their benefits, and how to use them can be incredibly powerful. However like most science there is also an art form tied into it. The owners of DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap are not just body composition experts, they are also radiologic technologists, and like you, have a true interest in health, athletics, nutrition, and sports science. People from all walks of life and athletic levels have come through the doors of DexaFit and it is this knowledge of what has been proven to work for others that can be used to empower you to make more meaningful goals, provide a complete understanding of your metabolic health, and give you the tools and information you need to track, test, and supercharge your motivation.

How does DexaFit work and how will it benefit you?

We cut through all the fad diets and fitness crazes and provide you with individualized knowledge to give you the tools to succeed and measure your program. We do this with medical grade equipment and gold standard protocols. You can use this information wither you have a trainer or not, and if you are a trainer you can utilize the information to provide even more individualized plans for your clients.

Dexafit utilizes four main tests and pieces of equipment for body composition and metabolic testing.


DXA body composition test- A simple 10 minute test that provides the most accurate percentage, amount, and location of body fat, lean mass, and bone and mineral mass on the market today. See where you have muscle imbalance, understand your bone health, risk of diabetes and other health indicators. Use your DXA scan for motivation, tracking, calculating your nutrition plan, as well as developing meaningful and measurable goals.

FIT 3D body measurement scan- The FIT3D is a new body composition measurement technology that utilizes a camera that takes over 400 measurements of your body in a 40 second scan. You receive a 360 degree visual of your body that you can use to track and compare your progress. You receive a comprehensive list of body measurements that are the most accurate on the market. You can use this to track your waist, biceps, hip to trunk ratios etc. Because the FIT3D is also a scale and can sense balance you will also receive a comprehensive posture and balance analysis. The Fit3D software uses advanced logarithms and special and volume measurements to provide other wellness information and body shape rating. Great for tracking and body changes.

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Resting metabolic rate test (RMR)- A 15 minute test that measures your oxygen to carbon dioxide exchange ratio to precisely calculate your caloric needs. Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner? Is your metabolism average, fast, or slow? If you are not measuring your metabolism with a metabolic cart then you are just guessing. We have seen these calculations be up to 500 calories off. Knowing your RMR will allow you to create your exact caloric intake plan to succeed in your body composition goals. As your body changes (Gain muscle or lose fat) your metabolic rate can change and this is often why those who have lost large amount of weight eventually put it back on again. Knowing your RMR will allow you to recalculate your nutrition plan and/or modify your exercise program to increase your metabolism

VO2 Max cardio testing- The VO2 max test is a 15 minute test that will reveal your cardio health. Where do you rank with others in the population or in your specific sport? You will discover your maximum heart rate as well as what is sometimes called the fat burning zones and cardio zones. You will learn what these really mean and how to use them. You will discover your anaerobic threshold so you will know at what heart rate your body will begin to use energy stored in your muscles. You certainly have felt when your legs begin to feel heavy and you are slowing down. This is the lactic acid that is rushing into your muscles. Knowing when this occurs will give you the ability to develop an effective and efficient interval training program.

The DexaFit fitness lab is your one stop shop also offering DNA fitness testing, weight loss and muscle gain programs designed for your genetic build, food intolerance tests, and gut health microbiome tests.

The DexaFit team will help you with choosing what is right for you and helping you to understand and use the data. The body is complex and adaptive, having your own personal fitness lab behind you means your goals are clear and attainable. You can find them at 360-627-8431 and at