I was recently reminded of our preparations for a storm this past winter as I was re-organizing my garage to create a better workout space. I came across a couple roles of duct tape, and some bottles of water along with a few other items that we had either purchased that week before the storm or had gathered together In preparation. The news reports told us that this was going to be the worst wind storm perhaps in the history of recording these types of storms. We were planning for power outages, falling trees, and possibly blown out windows. We purchased extra water, the duct tape was to place on our windows in case the wind or a fallen tree shattered them. We purchased a couple of new flashlights as well as a head light for our five year old. We charged our computers and battery rechargers, and made sure that we had pantry and dry food available in case we could not cook. We brought out some board games for entertainment and discussed other activities that we could do as well like reading by candle light or flashlight by the gas fireplace, or watching a movie on the ipad or computer till the batteries ran out.
We were ready and we were prepared, but the storm never came. The weather experts did not foresee a diversion that pushed the storm to where it didn’t reach land at all. We kept looking out the window to watch the trees sway but there was no drama. Our Facebook live feed was laughable. We happen to live on one of those streets where we experience a power loss with the slightest rain or wind storm so we were expecting we could be out for a week or more. There was not even a flicker. I was happy not to have to go without TV or the microwave and lights or lose the stockpile of frozen food in our freezer, but the more adventurous side of myself was disappointed. We even turned all the lights out at one point just so we could play board games by candlelight next to the fireplace with our daughter who was looking forward to the idea.
There is something to say about being prepared. It removes stress. It also makes you a hundred times more likely to succeed. This is what DexaFit is all about. Before you start a new nutrition program, diet, or exercise program you should prepare. Just like preparing for a storm. First gather information about what you have. Get your Dexa scan. Know your current body composition. Know how much fat and muscle you are carrying and where. Know if you are symmetrical, if your waist and hips are a good ratio and what your bone health and visceral fat is. Get your resting metabolic rate test done. Know how many calories you burn at rest. Know if you are a sugar or fat burner. This can help prep what your meal plan is going to be and what foods are going to make up that plan. Get you VO2. Know what your Vo2 max is now. You have given yourself a cardio goal to beat. You know your heart rate zones so you can develop a workout program designed around that to be more efficient and not burn yourself out. Get your Fit 3D scan. This will give you your current visual image in a 360 degrees so you can see what changes you want to make and have a visual comparison. This is also the most accurate measurement tool available. You may also want to try other services thatDexaFit provides such as fitnessgenes to really focus on what will work for you or even get your nutrition and exercise plan designed for you Based on your particular gene combination. Once you are prepared and have the knowledge of your body and how it operates you will be able to more successfully design your goals and then use these tools to accomplish them. Using the precise measurements from your DexaFit results you can then measure the success of your program and make any changes necessary to perfect it. With this knowledge you are not only going to be ready but will increase your chance of success.

This week we found ourselves in a snow storm and our power went out immediately. We didn’t even bat an eye this time because we had everything we needed. This time our power was only out for half a day but we were prepared if it had been longer.
We all get excited when we are getting ready to start a new diet or exercise program but most of us don’t stick with it because we are not really prepared or we did not develop a way to measure it. We were disappointed when our storm didn’t come, not because were gluttons For punishment, but because we were ready and prepared and excited because of it. We can’t control the weather but we can decide when we are going to start a program or test the effectiveness of one. Being prepared makes it that much more exciting and knowing that you have something exact to measure makes it much more likely that you will not only commit, but will succeed.