The Kayak Mission

The kayakers creed and the dream!


The Yak Man

1/24/20231 min read

The Kayakers Creed

To respect and protect the natural world and all its inhabitants. To strive to improve our skills and knowledge, and to act with safety and responsibility through life as we would on the water. To respect the rights of other wild waterway users and leave no trace behind. We will seek out new adventures and challenge ourselves to become better paddlers, while always remembering the beauty and fragility of the waters we call home.

Paddle With A Purpose

The natural world around us is something we have all been greatly disconnected from. While humanity has made great strides in technological, informational, medical, and many other advancements, it is ignorant to assume it has not been at a cost. As a simple example, the great cosmos that were once visible to us all over the earth have become blocked out by light pollution. Just this one example stands as an irrefutable testament to the loss of awe and wonder granted to us through the natural world we could once experience on a near daily basis.

My mission, and the mission of Kayaking St. Augustine is to empower individuals and communities to take an active role in preserving and protecting our natural waterways through kayaking and environmental education. We strive to raise awareness about the ecological importance of our rivers, lakes and oceans, and to inspire a sense of stewardship among our community. We are committed to cleaning up the world's waterways through community clean-up efforts and by promoting sustainable practices within our own operations. With each paddle stroke and every educational opportunity, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment and to leave the world a better place for future generations.

We do not believe in scaring people into caring about our planet, or that people should be forced, enticed, and coerced into doing the right thing. Our world has a deep value and we believe that showing others its beauty and introducing them to our wild friends is the most meaningful way to inspire change. After all, the only place true change may come from is the heart.