The Pros and Cons of Owning a Kayak Business

If you've ever wondered what it's like to own a kayak business, Mac the Yak man is here to give you some insights. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of owning a kayak business from the perspective of a Florida-based business owner.


Mac The Yak Man

2/15/20232 min read

The Pros:

The Lifestyle: One of the biggest pros of owning a kayak business. He gets to spend his days out in the sun, on the water, and being active, which is great for his health. As long as the weather is good, he loves his job.

Meeting Awesome People: Mac doesn't do all of the tours himself, but he says the tour guides he employs do an excellent job. He loves getting to talk to so many people, share his love for the environment, and discuss the history of the area with them.

Nature: Being out in nature every day is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning a kayak business. You get to experience the beauty of the world and be reminded of how small you are in a sense. This experience can be humbling and good for mental health.

Fitness and Health: Owning a kayak business is an excellent way to stay healthy and active. Mac says he watches what he eats, and the physical fitness he gets from his job is excellent for his health. He also loves being out in the sun and getting lots of vitamin D.

The Cons:

Weather Dependencies: The weather can be a significant con for owning a kayak business. Sometimes the wind can blow like there's no tomorrow, and it's not fun kayaking in high winds. The dependence on good weather can be stressful and difficult at times.

Kayak Maintenance: Kayak maintenance can be a significant con for owning a kayak business. The equipment needs to be re-waxed, cleaned, and power-washed, which can be very time-consuming. It's not as simple as showing up every day, throwing the kayak in the water, and being good to go. The maintenance can be manual labor, which can take a physical toll on your body.

Trash Pickup: Mac mentions that picking up trash in the water can be both a pro and a con. While it's good to clean up the environment, it can also be disheartening to see so much garbage in the natural waterways and state parks.


Owning a kayak business can be a fantastic way to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, and experience the beauty of nature. While there are some cons to the job, such as weather dependencies and equipment maintenance, the pros outweigh the cons for Mac. If you're considering starting a kayak business, it's important to consider the physical toll it may take on your body and the potential stress of being dependent on good weather. However, if you're passionate about kayaking, love being outside, and enjoy meeting new people, owning a kayak business could be a dream come true.