Fasted cardio training. Is it right for me?

Fasted Training.
Should I or shouldn’t I?

Some of the benefits of fated cardio depend on your genetics. Do you convert to fat burning easily? Are you metabolically efficient?
If your interested in your genetics, our fitness genes test will tell you if there is a genetic advantage to fasted cardio.

So besides genetics what other reasons might you want to try fasted cardio?

There are some advantages to fasted cardio. The main one being that It can cause your body to more easily convert to breaking down fat cells to use for energy. It also might be more convenient for you to just get up out of bed and get moving without worrying about fixing up a meal first. Studies have also shown some advantages to fasted cardio for fat loss.

However doing HIIT Training with a fueled body may be just as effective. Some research says a fed workout consumes more calories 12-24 hours after a workout than an unfurled workout.

There may be fat burning advantages to fasted cardio but research shows that it is intensity of exercise that will have the most effect on fat loss.
So if you don’t have the energy in the morning on an empty stomach Then cardio in a fasted state may just not work for you.

The biggest factor for fat loss will always be a deficit of energy expenditure to energy consumed. So you really want to make sure you have that correct before working on the details.

I would recommend trying both and see what you like the best.
See if you enjoy working out in a fasted state and see if you can do 30-60 min. Of low to medium intensity cardio or 20-30 min. Of HIIT.
Some people feel great doing this and state feeling mental clarity and less hunger throughout the day as well. Others just feel like they have no energy or get a better workout after fueling prior.

Whatever is going to be the more enjoyable activity is the one you will be most likely to stick to and will in turn be the most effective choice.

I think that a caloric deficit along with consistent exercise is going to give you similar positive results regardless of method.

Below are some of the papers and studies I use as references.

Screw it! It’s the holidays

Halloween stalks us


    Like the dark shadowy figure in the horror films that we enjoy watching this time of year, the holidays are approaching and you know what’s coming. This will not be a quick death like delivered from michael Meyers. This is going to be slow. There will be a mix of pleasure along with the realization that your health is deteriorating and being surgically dismantled. This is an old horror. One where your eyes are open and you battle between pleasure and pain, and the worst part is that you let yourself get here.


The holidays are a time when many of us give up and give in to the comforts and pleasures of over endulgence in foods and succumb to the shorter and colder daylight hours. Activity turns to bundling up and remaining inside by the fireplace. It’s when you say screw it! I’m giving up and I’ll get back to my health after the new year.

What if we approached it differently this time? What if we tricked that dark figure, enjoyed the pleasures, but got stronger rather then weaker?

    The truth is that the holidays usually add some fat to our bodies that we really don’t shed as we intend to after the new year. What we find is our weight gradually increases until we are buying a slightly larger pant size. Year after year we gain and lose but always with a net gain. Because you don’t have a plan.

We’re going to make that plan right now. This is your holiday survival guide.

    Don’t tell yourself it’s too late or too early and let yourself be dragged down unknowingly into the cycle. You actually have an advantage during the holidays, and that is that during the winter months your metabolism actually tends to rev higher. It requires more energy to keep you warm and to digest more food. Use this to your advantage.

Get to know your body. Testing your body composition and resting metabolic rate will give you vital information to help you set better goals. This is why we put together our fitness lab. We strongly believe knowing where you are at and being able to accurately track changes in your body provides you not only important information to plan your nutrition and exercise but to also provide you with incentive and motivation. Don’t wait till January, do this now. This way when you come back in January, you can see what changes occurred, and your not battling to return to a starting point but continuing with your goals. You may be surprised that with following this flexible plan you are more than satisfied with your results.

Keep moving. Boost that elevated metabolism even more by walking regularly and doing just two to three days of weight lifting to keep your muscles working and strong. You don’t need to run a marathon even a few 10 minute walks will keep your metabolism heightened.

Know your maintenance calories and keep your average weekly caloric intake at or below this number. If you find you are above your daily caloric intake one day don’t worry about it. Bring it down the next day. You don’t gain or lose fat or muscle  in a day.
Enjoy the holiday foods. You can use the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the time eat the foods that you have targeted as good choices and allow for 20% to be more flexible food choices. If you use this rule as a weekly average it allows you even more flexibility on certain days.


Never feel guilty or shame yourself for experiencing food with friends and family. Use these simple flexible guidelines. Sleep well, keep moving, and maintain eating nutritiously dense food most of the time and you will do more then survive. Enjoy the holidays and all that this Time has to offer. Keep your health as a priority throughout the year and we hope to see you soon.


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It’s a science, but not rocket science

It’s a science: but not rocket science

We are inundated with countless ads for a new diet and told what foods are good for you or bad for you. There is a countless stream of information and misinformation that we have to sift through and it can be confusing to know what is the right choice or if what you’re doing is even working.

What if your body could talk to you? What if your body could tell you exactly what you need to eat, how you need to exercise more effectively and efficiently, and what changes were happening to your body when you utilized this information? What if you could be given the cheat codes to your health? What if there was a fitness lab that could provide all these answers and you did not have to be an elite athlete to have access to it?


This is the concept behind DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap located in downtown Bremerton next to the Seattle Ferry terminal. There are many paths to the same goal but there are better and more effective ways to do things, and there are scientific methods that we should use to test, measure, and create goals with. Understanding these tests, their benefits, and how to use them can be incredibly powerful. However like most science there is also an art form tied into it. The owners of DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap are not just body composition experts, they are also radiologic technologists, and like you, have a true interest in health, athletics, nutrition, and sports science. People from all walks of life and athletic levels have come through the doors of DexaFit and it is this knowledge of what has been proven to work for others that can be used to empower you to make more meaningful goals, provide a complete understanding of your metabolic health, and give you the tools and information you need to track, test, and supercharge your motivation.

How does DexaFit work and how will it benefit you?

We cut through all the fad diets and fitness crazes and provide you with individualized knowledge to give you the tools to succeed and measure your program. We do this with medical grade equipment and gold standard protocols. You can use this information wither you have a trainer or not, and if you are a trainer you can utilize the information to provide even more individualized plans for your clients.

Dexafit utilizes four main tests and pieces of equipment for body composition and metabolic testing.


DXA body composition test- A simple 10 minute test that provides the most accurate percentage, amount, and location of body fat, lean mass, and bone and mineral mass on the market today. See where you have muscle imbalance, understand your bone health, risk of diabetes and other health indicators. Use your DXA scan for motivation, tracking, calculating your nutrition plan, as well as developing meaningful and measurable goals.

FIT 3D body measurement scan- The FIT3D is a new body composition measurement technology that utilizes a camera that takes over 400 measurements of your body in a 40 second scan. You receive a 360 degree visual of your body that you can use to track and compare your progress. You receive a comprehensive list of body measurements that are the most accurate on the market. You can use this to track your waist, biceps, hip to trunk ratios etc. Because the FIT3D is also a scale and can sense balance you will also receive a comprehensive posture and balance analysis. The Fit3D software uses advanced logarithms and special and volume measurements to provide other wellness information and body shape rating. Great for tracking and body changes.

IMG_0515 IMG_0517

Resting metabolic rate test (RMR)- A 15 minute test that measures your oxygen to carbon dioxide exchange ratio to precisely calculate your caloric needs. Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner? Is your metabolism average, fast, or slow? If you are not measuring your metabolism with a metabolic cart then you are just guessing. We have seen these calculations be up to 500 calories off. Knowing your RMR will allow you to create your exact caloric intake plan to succeed in your body composition goals. As your body changes (Gain muscle or lose fat) your metabolic rate can change and this is often why those who have lost large amount of weight eventually put it back on again. Knowing your RMR will allow you to recalculate your nutrition plan and/or modify your exercise program to increase your metabolism

VO2 Max cardio testing- The VO2 max test is a 15 minute test that will reveal your cardio health. Where do you rank with others in the population or in your specific sport? You will discover your maximum heart rate as well as what is sometimes called the fat burning zones and cardio zones. You will learn what these really mean and how to use them. You will discover your anaerobic threshold so you will know at what heart rate your body will begin to use energy stored in your muscles. You certainly have felt when your legs begin to feel heavy and you are slowing down. This is the lactic acid that is rushing into your muscles. Knowing when this occurs will give you the ability to develop an effective and efficient interval training program.

The DexaFit fitness lab is your one stop shop also offering DNA fitness testing, weight loss and muscle gain programs designed for your genetic build, food intolerance tests, and gut health microbiome tests.

The DexaFit team will help you with choosing what is right for you and helping you to understand and use the data. The body is complex and adaptive, having your own personal fitness lab behind you means your goals are clear and attainable. You can find them at 360-627-8431 and at


Creating a new normal

Most people have some sort of morning routine. Mine is jumping into the shower first thing in the morning and then after getting dressed I begin my ritual of coffee making. I take time to heat up the water just right, grind my coffee and slowly pour the water over the grounds into my chemex brewer. I take a good ten minutes to enjoy and get my mind set before I leave for my short drive to work. This is my normal morning, but it was not always. My mornings used to consist of controlled chaos of packing lunches and rushing out the door to begin my one hour commute through crowded Seattle traffic. That was my normal. What was once normal to you can and will change. A normal day when you were in high school is a far cry from what a normal day is for you now. Technology is another huge factor in how we can change to a new normal. Technology makes us more efficient and it also creates new problems that may not have existed before. We adjust to these new changes and bring them into our lives. Our environment can be a big catalyst of change to our routines and daily life. On an extreme example think of the new normal a prisoner must create. Every time you create a new normal something changes.
People wonder why the latest diet or exercise program has not worked for them; one of the main reasons is that these eating patterns or exercise programs are impossible to continue for extended periods of time. A new normal is not being created. These are just temporary restrictions or exhaustive unsustainable workouts. Instead, make a new eating habit normal. Make an activity normal. Build these things into your life so that they become routines. When a choice is easier to make, and it is something that has become a habitual, natural part of your day, these healthy lifestyles will become your new normal. When you create your normal you will change your life.

The storm that never came

I was recently reminded of our preparations for a storm this past winter as I was re-organizing my garage to create a better workout space. I came across a couple roles of duct tape, and some bottles of water along with a few other items that we had either purchased that week before the storm or had gathered together In preparation. The news reports told us that this was going to be the worst wind storm perhaps in the history of recording these types of storms. We were planning for power outages, falling trees, and possibly blown out windows. We purchased extra water, the duct tape was to place on our windows in case the wind or a fallen tree shattered them. We purchased a couple of new flashlights as well as a head light for our five year old. We charged our computers and battery rechargers, and made sure that we had pantry and dry food available in case we could not cook. We brought out some board games for entertainment and discussed other activities that we could do as well like reading by candle light or flashlight by the gas fireplace, or watching a movie on the ipad or computer till the batteries ran out.
We were ready and we were prepared, but the storm never came. The weather experts did not foresee a diversion that pushed the storm to where it didn’t reach land at all. We kept looking out the window to watch the trees sway but there was no drama. Our Facebook live feed was laughable. We happen to live on one of those streets where we experience a power loss with the slightest rain or wind storm so we were expecting we could be out for a week or more. There was not even a flicker. I was happy not to have to go without TV or the microwave and lights or lose the stockpile of frozen food in our freezer, but the more adventurous side of myself was disappointed. We even turned all the lights out at one point just so we could play board games by candlelight next to the fireplace with our daughter who was looking forward to the idea.
There is something to say about being prepared. It removes stress. It also makes you a hundred times more likely to succeed. This is what DexaFit is all about. Before you start a new nutrition program, diet, or exercise program you should prepare. Just like preparing for a storm. First gather information about what you have. Get your Dexa scan. Know your current body composition. Know how much fat and muscle you are carrying and where. Know if you are symmetrical, if your waist and hips are a good ratio and what your bone health and visceral fat is. Get your resting metabolic rate test done. Know how many calories you burn at rest. Know if you are a sugar or fat burner. This can help prep what your meal plan is going to be and what foods are going to make up that plan. Get you VO2. Know what your Vo2 max is now. You have given yourself a cardio goal to beat. You know your heart rate zones so you can develop a workout program designed around that to be more efficient and not burn yourself out. Get your Fit 3D scan. This will give you your current visual image in a 360 degrees so you can see what changes you want to make and have a visual comparison. This is also the most accurate measurement tool available. You may also want to try other services thatDexaFit provides such as fitnessgenes to really focus on what will work for you or even get your nutrition and exercise plan designed for you Based on your particular gene combination. Once you are prepared and have the knowledge of your body and how it operates you will be able to more successfully design your goals and then use these tools to accomplish them. Using the precise measurements from your DexaFit results you can then measure the success of your program and make any changes necessary to perfect it. With this knowledge you are not only going to be ready but will increase your chance of success.

This week we found ourselves in a snow storm and our power went out immediately. We didn’t even bat an eye this time because we had everything we needed. This time our power was only out for half a day but we were prepared if it had been longer.
We all get excited when we are getting ready to start a new diet or exercise program but most of us don’t stick with it because we are not really prepared or we did not develop a way to measure it. We were disappointed when our storm didn’t come, not because were gluttons For punishment, but because we were ready and prepared and excited because of it. We can’t control the weather but we can decide when we are going to start a program or test the effectiveness of one. Being prepared makes it that much more exciting and knowing that you have something exact to measure makes it much more likely that you will not only commit, but will succeed.

Neal Adams will shoot your eye out

Last weekend I packed up my comic book T-shirts (that’s as close as I’m going to get to cosplay), picked up my son and we took a father son road trip to Portland for the Wizard World Comic Con.

There were several celebrities that were going to be there that I really wanted to see. Bruce Campbell, Michael Rooker,Chris Clairmont, and of course Neal Adams.

I have always held Neal Adams in high regards. To me he was the man who brought comics into the modern age. He took the 60’s cartoony Batman and made the 70’s gritty dark night. The joker went from silly to maniacal because of Adams. He is responsible for diverting my attention away from  Superman and The Fantastic Four to characters like DeadMan and The Spectre. He broadened my view of what comics could do and bridged my interest in comic books, noir, and horror.

Not only that but Neal Adams also did a lot for the comic book community. The legal work and vocal work that he did paved the way for artists today to work for more than one company, and made it possible for them to own the rights to thier work and profit with those creations.


I was lucky enough to have had the honor to spend some time with the great Jack Kirby and his wife in 1992 while working at a comic store in Arizona. We were helping to sell the book “The art of Jack Kirby” along with author Ray Wyman. I was astonished to hear that the Kirby’s had little to no means of profiting for the extensive work he had done with Marvel at the time. Because of the help of Adams, Kirby had recently recieved a lot of original artwork that he had produced at the house of Marvel and hence this book was a possibility. In fact, only this past Sept. 2014 has a settlement finally been made between Marvel and the Kirby’s, and this is great news for both sides.  I was proud to have had the chance in even the smallest of ways to help Jack and Roz Kirby, and they were both some of the kindest and most interesting people I have ever met.

So there I was at the long stretch of tables in the middle of artist alley in Portland. Tables and tables covered with prints from some of Neal Adams famous cover works. It wasn’t a matter of if I was going to purchase something but What. The print of the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali immediately grabbed me. In 1978 I had pleaded successfully to my mother for this book when I was 8 years old. An oversized 14×11 book pitting the Man of steel against the best fighter who had ever lived ( and the only sports star that I loved and knew by name other than evil kneival). I still own this very comic, worn, bent, loved and beautiful. I chose a large print of this cover as well as the greatest Batman cover of all time Batman #227.


After giving over my credit card and having my bank account depleted I approached Neal Adams with these two items in hand feeling like the kid in A Christmas Story waiting in line to ask Santa for a red rider  BB gun with a compass in the stock. I mentally rehearsed what I wanted to say to him knowing that I would only have a few minutes to express my adoration for both his art work and his work to help himself and other comic artists like Jack Kirby.

I placed the two large prints down and looked Neal in the eye and shook his hand. I gave a heart felt speech while he signed, about how not only did I respect his artwork but thanked him for all the work he has done for comic artists. I expressed how the other artists here owed some credit to him for being able to draw and sale artwork at these conventions, and I thanked him. I told him about how I spent a couple of days with Jack Kirby before his death and what it meant that he had helped to return some of his artwork from Marvel. Neal asked me about the choice of the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali print I had chosen, and I expressed how this artwork held sentimental weight to me. It has been a favorite of mine since I was 8 years old.

“Do you like sports”

I thought he was asking what had drawn me to this particular comic at that age. I begain to tell him that I was a fan of Muhammad Ali and boxing…

“Do you like sports”

I hesitated.. Not sure what he was asking.

” we’ll I do like some, I…”

“Are you a sports fan?”

I wanted to see where he was trying to lead so I said.

“Yes. I’m a sports fan”

“well take a look at that piece over there. did you see it?”

And with that he directed his assistant to usher me back over to the pile of prints to one that was a play on the superman/Ali cover displaying Ali and Michael Jordan in the ring surrounded by famous sports stars through history.


I was that little kid pleading to Santa to hear my rehearsed spiel for a red rider BB gun. ” How about a football” and Neal Adams black boot pressing against my forehead and pushing me down the slide.

No. I don’t want to buy this ESPN rendition, I just want you to say thank you, or something!!

“Ho Ho Ho!” as Neal pushed the sole of his boot into my forehead sending me down the slide back onto the convention floor in a sea of  fat captain Americas, and kids buying Dragon ball Z and my little pony toys.

Crushed that my attempt to share an experiance and to heap well deserved praise was diverted for the attempted sale of more merchandise I walked away dazed. My purchase now somehow slightly  tarnished and not as valuable in my hands.

I looked up clearing my head to see Chris Clairmont sitting at a table signing.  Wow. Chris Clairmont.

” Who is that? My son asked.”

“He wrote some of the greatest X-Men stories I’ve ever read.”

I wanted to stop and meet him, But I walked past, I just couldn’t risk another ” you’ll shoot your eye out” dismissive response. I don’ t have the resiliency of little Ralphie. Besides Bruce Campbell was going to be signing soon.





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